Bonnie Doon is "kick-back" central

Bonnie Doon is kick-back central

Bonnie Doon has a proven ability to provide genuine stress-relief for jaded city people. The small town is situated in North East Victoria on the edge of Lake Eildon. It is best known as a holiday/weekend destination for waterskiiers, fisherman and boat enthusiasts.
About two and a half hours easy driving from the Melbourne CBD it is a "kick-back" location with plenty to do if that is what takes your fancy. Bonnie Doon offers camping, fishing, water skiing and boating, sailing, scenic drives, bowls, golf, horse riding, bush walking, swimming and tennis.
Nearby local pubs and restaurants have a reputation for good quality, well priced country-style meals.

Bonnie Doon has a small population, but in holiday periods it swells to several times its normal size. There are three caravan/camping parks in and around the town and one hotel which is situated on the waters edge.
There is plenty of water in the reservoir for water sports. Bonnie Doon is on Brankeet Inlet, which is on the northern extremity of Lake Eildon. Originally called Doon, the township was on the Brankeet Creek. The name was changed to Bonnie Doon shortly before 1900, and in 1956 the town was moved to higher ground when Lake Eildon was enlarged.
The name "Doon" was given by an early settler, Thomas Nixon, probably after the Doon Loch in Scotland. Selectors took up land at Bonnie Doon in the 1870s. Bonnie Doon is on the Maroondah Highway just west of where the Bonnie Doon Bridge crosses the Brankeet Inlet. Beside the road bridge is the railway, which ceased to be used in 1978.
Bonnie Doon is kick-back central Bonnie Doon is kick-back central Bonnie Doon is kick-back central Bonnie Doon is kick-back central
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